Robert Pearson
Full time in a 25' 31' RV.

Ashland Oregon


I have been coming to Ashland since the 1980s when I lived in Spokane Washington. Then it was just for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival which runs from late February through October. A group of us would fly into Ashland airport in a Cessna 172, stay three nights and watch five plays. At that time Ashland was the Columbia Hotel, built in 1909, the Greenleaf Cafe and the theaters.

Since buying the RV I’ve spent more time here, between one and two months each year, than in my Seattle condo which is currently rented. I’m hoping to make Ashland a summer base. It’s a great town with some big city benefits without the big city problems.


This location has been a stop between San Francisco and Seattle since 1862. Jackson Wellsprings is on the site of the old stagecoach stop. It was a mineral water spa then and still is. It’s also an RV park and a location for all sorts of happenings like the Peace Festival and other alternative happenings.

Jackson Wellsprings is a change from the full-time RV folks. Mostly the conspiracy theories change. A few RV people are into the hate based paranoia you get on the radio. Obama, who was born in Africa, is going to take away our guns and declare martial law. (People said that about Clinton and Nixon as I recall, the marshal law thing not born in Africa.) My favorite is Obama is selling dead soldiers DNA to space aliens so they can make a clone army to come back and take away our TV remotes or something.

Here it's the other end of the spectrum. The airplane con trails are the government dropping DNA tags on us. Not sure what a DNA tag is but when jets first started leaving con trails we didn’t know what DNA was.

However when not talking about hot-button stuff the folks on the right are often much friendlier on a day to day basis. They seem to turn the paranoia off and on while the lefties, for lack of a better term, don’t come to the surface as often. (I’m sure glad almost nobody reads this web site.)


Alexis Hatfield


Here is one of two music videos I shot with Alexis.

The spa pool at night.


One of my favorite Wellsprings residents is Tom, also known as Sun Eagle. Many of the full time residents go by one name which is not on their birth certificate.


I created this video for the Goddess Temple of Ashland which is on the WellSprings campus. We tried to create a balance between artsy fartsy and information about the Goddess Temple.


In my third year I joined the Ashland the Elks Lodge. I’ve never joined a fraternal organization before. Never been much of a joiner at all actually but thought it would help with becoming an Ashlandite or Ashlander.

They have a nice lodge directly across Main St from the Columbia Hotel. Both buildings were built in the same year.

Part of the appeal was the fact that many Elks around the country have cheap RV parking. For instance RV parking in the Hollywood area is almost non existent but the Burbank Elks has a few spots for $10 a night. It turns out however that the Elks, that is to say the people at the Elks, were more interesting than I thought it would be. I enjoy going by and will visit more when I return to Ashland.